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Stickley Sale

Custom Dining by Canadel

Collection Description

Assemble your furniture, step by step, based on life-sized samples. Nearly every aspect of this furniture line is customizable -- from wood type to table top material to leg style to finish color -- giving you almost limitless possibilities for designing the perfect casual or formal dining set to meet your needs and personal taste. Select the model and number of features, the type and colors—even the patterns on the fabric, if you want. The Workshop offers you a practically infinite choice of combinations that will bring a note of distinction to your interiors as unique and refined as you are. Every single piece is made of solid wood. They’re assembled, treated, painted, finished, and packaged by hand, with painstaking care and under scrutinizing quality control. And for your further satisfaction, all manufacturing processes are designed to be environmentally friendly. At Canadel there are no rules and no limitations. Bring richness and harmony to your life by complementing your home with a dining piece that is all about your style and how you live.

Custom Dining Features

Collection Items

<b>Customizable</b> Bench Customizable Bench
Customizable Dining Bench Customizable Dining Bench
<b>Customizable</b> Armchair Customizable Armchair
<b>Customizable</b> Arm Chair Customizable Arm Chair
<b>Customizable</b> 38 Inch & Buffet Customizable 38 Inch & Buffet
BUF 3800-OO+HUT 3875
<b>Customizable</b> 38 Inch Hutch & Buffet Customizable 38 Inch Hutch & Buffet
BUF 3802-AA+HUT 3802-AA
<b>Customizable</b> 48 Inch Buffet & Hutch Customizable 48 Inch Buffet & Hutch
BUF 4802-AA+HUT 4802-AA
<b>Customizable</b> 54 Inch Hutch & Buffet Customizable 54 Inch Hutch & Buffet
BUF 5402-AA+HUT 5402-AA
<b>Customizable</b> 60 Inch Hutch & Buffet Customizable 60 Inch Hutch & Buffet
BUF 6002-AA+HUT 6002-AA
<b>Customizable</b> 72 Inch Hutch & Buffet Customizable 72 Inch Hutch & Buffet
BUF 7202-AA+HUT 7202-AA
<b>Customizable</b> 38 Inch Buffet Customizable 38 Inch Buffet
<b>Customizable</b> 48 Inch Buffet Customizable 48 Inch Buffet
<b>Customizable</b> 54 Inch Buffet Customizable 54 Inch Buffet
<b>Customizable</b> 60 Inch Buffet Customizable 60 Inch Buffet
<b>Customizable</b> 72 Inch Buffet Customizable 72 Inch Buffet
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 4238 T1
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 5434-M1
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 5434-M2
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 5442-T1
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 6736-HA+GLA 6736
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 6736-HL
<b>Customizable</b> Buffet Customizable Buffet
BUF 6934-HF

Please Note: Williams & Kay operates stores in the Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, Eagle River, Alaska area. Please contact us for delivery and price information.

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